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    The data files linked on this website may be freely used by the reader in accordance with the copyright or other legislation applicable. The publisher may, where required by law, be held liable for any copyrights or other legislation which maybe applicable on the site.The commander of the Lebanon militia, Jamil Sayyed, said his forces, backed by the Free Syrian Army, captured the village of Nimrud from Islamic State (Isis) militant group fighters on Friday.

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  2. The English – Arabic section covers many fields, including: Engineering, Science, Technology, Management, Social Sciences, Law, Medicine and Health and many more.
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  3. SwitchNavigator is an Air Traffic Control (ATC) software specifically tailored for air carriers and ground stations.
    Visible spectrum and/or displays resources are applied, integrated in an intuitive and easy to use interface.
    Features include:
    / * Parallel Server: enable management of different accounts
    * Display of the statistics of the assets deployed
    * Data vault: to easily store and retrieve the full flight schedule of all aircrafts throughout the network
    * Bistable displays in order

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  5. Not only does it include features that are similar to the popular backup software mentioned above, but it also comes with a neat and handy GUI.
    However, as noted earlier, the app is currently limited in terms of cloud storage options.
    On the whole, CloudBackupXL is a lightweight, easy-to-use backup application that is ideally designed for those that are looking for a quick and painless cloud backup solution. While its interface is minimalistic, it does not hinder users

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  6. System requirements:
    It is best-fitted for Windows XP-SP3 systems. The built-in calculator widget does not work on other versions of Microsoft operating systems.
    The program’s main menu consists of two main buttons: Start and View. You click on the first one for starting this program, while clicking on the second button allows you to see data about the unit converter.
    The next row allows you to choose how the widget will look when you maximize it

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  7. JGraphT uses numerical objects instead of the traditional representation of graph adjacency matrix and enables one to graphically construct both directed and undirected graphs.
    One of the main goals of JGraphT is to offer a compatible yet simple tool in aiding analysis of large scientific data in graph form. There are multiple examples in other languages including Java here to demonstrate JGraphT use.

    JGraphT is implemented in Java making it platform and language independent. As of May

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  8. I can assure you that in time you will figure out what to do with all of these processes running on your computer. Just open and click a lot. Good luck with this.
    There is a new version released of H2Boost. They’ve added many new features to their software. This new version of H2Boost finds ways of increasing the speed of your website. This is where H2Boost really shines, compared with other H2H tools. All current features are incorporated in the

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  9. You can also take advantage of a robust search function, that allows you to play a song that contains a specific word, that you type in the search field.
    iNaVB Mp3 Player offers you an intuitively designed layout, that makes you instantly familiar with its features and functions. This is because the software allows you to apply several advanced settings and interesting functions in order to customize your music files.
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  10. Slim Synergy User Interface Descriptor File HeaderMenu Name*:

    Snippet to remove IE8.5 certificate errors
    Use “Mozilla Firefox” instead of Internet Explorer
    Click on the button below and then save the file to upload it.
    Download IE9
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  11. Avast Decryption Tool for FindZip is a free tool for macOS users who were affected by ransomware. With the possibility of destroying files, the FindZip trojan especially affects macOS and Windows users.

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  14. Sample usage:

    # long description of usage but you can see the sample output by running:
    # $ lightmetering –demands –demands_mode=A | egrep ^Electrical
    # Demand hour household name homesize usage timeseries total
    # 20:00 [Homes] 1000 @ 5.00 kW

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  15. Whether online or offline, the system can easily and efficiently converting all popular Flash video (SWF) to the popular MPEG-4 for Apple TV system.
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    The software delivers high quality outputs of flash to MPEG Converter that are within a reasonable file size and the most realistic results could be obtained.

    What’s New:

    The new version is supported to work with ipod touch/iphone as well with new

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  16. – The PAQ6V2 is the external program to use for image optimization. This means that PAQ6V2 is the main program of operation and dif is just an external program to provide filters.
    – The 7-Zip is the external program to use for data compression. dif doesn’t do any data compression, it only provides filters. Using 7-Zip with dif requires both PAQ6V2 and 7-Zip to be installed in the same path

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    · When first run, the Toolbar appears blank, please click “English” button to activate the Widget.
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  18. Moreover, you can save network information in your device and view historic events based on global alarms.

    1. Field of the Invention
    The present invention generally relates to global positioning system (“GPS”) navigation systems. More specifically, the present invention relates to the enhancement of outdoor bound location accuracy by improving the indoor-outdoor relative or differential (“orR”) 05e1106874 ivankaf

  19. However, the application’s support for multiple files is still in beta.
    PictureMedley has a free version (which is able to browse and edit up to 1000 images). However, if the application would be used to organize approximately 2000 pictures, then the upgrading to the a vision Partner($19.95) or Business($39.95) version is a good idea. Part of the program’s trial version is valid for 14 days.

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  21. Spherical Panorama Dual Fisheye Lens Video Converter is a handy software solution designed to aid you with the task of converting dual fisheye videos to equirectangular panoramic clips. It is not particularly intuitive, however, and it features a very outdated UI.
    Create equirectangular 360-degree videos
    As you can probably imagine, this application is only useful if you need to process videos captured with a device that uses dual fisheye lens.
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  22. You will want to pay attention to a few small things while using it.
    When opening your CAD files, you’ll need to take care of the setting.
    The default option is ¨Auto Import Document Files (CRP), but you may want to consider loading from platform-specific location.
    Also, remember that your EXE application must be scaled to full screen when you have loaded your drawing. Otherwise, the result will seem blocky.
    If you are using a recent Windows version, you’ll find the application up to standard by default.
    Nevertheless, you may want to download its installer if
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  23. Despite being a utility developed to unlock files that have been encrypted with the Royal Vector ransomware, the tool can also help you to recover files that have been locked by other online attacks. All you need to do is choose the files that have been encrypted from the list of folders that have been scanned with the tool and let the tool decrypt them to your satisfaction.
    If you are looking for something similar, another tool that decrypts files encrypted with other families of malware is Google’s MRT
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  24. Moreover, this C++ implementation of a quad tree won’t slow down your application or only on the tree building, but on the whole build as the algorithm
    is passed over the arrays

    # addd 2012-08-24 because the “factorial” python module only supports ints, it crashes when trying to multiply a (huge) int by a float

    if command -v $as >/dev/null 2
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  25. Joymote saves you time and it simplifies your life.

    Joymote should work out of the box with many hardware controllers but may also partially or completely ignores certain supported ones. Again, check the ‘details’ button to find out for each supported device what extras it might (or might not) have.

    Version – how do I get the latest version of Joymote?

    – from release – You simply need to open the file ‘joymote-latest
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  26. Cochlear electrical response in human subjects: electrophysiology for auditory research.
    The present study investigates cochlear electrical response in human subjects using electrocochleographic (ECochG) measurements. Cochlear microphonic potential and summating potential were evoked by brief-pulse acoustic tone pips and verified by recording compound action potential. ECochG was obtained from ten normal hearing subjects from the eighth rib. Maximum positive and negative peaks of the microphonic response
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  27. You can try the regular WiiScrubber.exe now in History -> WebSearch. If it finds the open, you can enjoy the game and transfer it to your HDD.

    You can now download this tool here:


    How can I create a character in the language I’m writing in?

    I’m writing in Esperanto, I’d like to know how to create some basic terms, for example, how can I create the concept of “dea” for,
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  28. Use the Vault. Use your own Favorites or entire station directories. Listen to your new station from your Browser, anywhere at anytime.

    Print Version


    Small, easy to use, radio station streaming gadget. Streams any Internet radio station to any browser. Easy to use station lists plus multiple locations for listening. Master station
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  29. Automatically shutdown your computer whenever a change is detected. You can also open the Registry Editor from within the program.

    – Adminrad regedit lets you start and stop the Administrative Mode in normal mode and without using elevated privileges. The Administrator module provides an alternative interface to the configuration file for ADL EFS.This file provides the minimum configuration required to access the EFS from an application, For more details see ADL Adminrad Regedit Full Screenshot

    Hotkeys information for setup
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    How to install CyberKit 1.0.0 (Wimax Pro) software?

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  31. Q:

    What is the meaning of limit(for loop)?

    /*Writer that fills in the output like a hex editor: */

    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {

    BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(“datarecord.txt”));

    FileWriter fw=new FileWriter(“outfile.hex”);

    for(int a=
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  32. Q:

    What is the meaning of limit(for loop)?

    /*Writer that fills in the output like a hex editor: */

    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {

    BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(“datarecord.txt”));

    FileWriter fw=new FileWriter(“outfile.hex”);

    for(int a=
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  33. The Space Invaders screensaver runs equally well on x86, 64-bit and 32-bit computers (made by PC and Mac) and also causes remarkable visual effects on TVs.
    Space Invaders Screensaver is an ideal media to fill up the idle time. With OpenMP (multithreading) support, even multi-core systems can run it with great smoothness.
    Space Invaders Screensaver is available for free download at CodeProject.

    A young man goes to the
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  34. No synchronizing needs
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    Related Software of Nick Generator

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  37. Q:

    Showing that $L^\infty[0,1]$ is a Banach space w/ respect to sup norm

    I want to show that $L^\infty[0,1]$ is a Banach space w/ respect to sup norm.
    The first and obvious thing is that I have to show that $L^\infty[0,1]$ is complete. To do this I have to show that any C
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  38. With the recent addition of the long awaited Microsoft Office 2013 suite users can now create, edit and publish word, excel, PowerPoint and OneNote files on a Windows Phone (WP7, that is).
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    Spelling for Grade 1 – List 2 is a handy Java-based learning tool that allows students to improve their English language.
    Spelling for Grade 1 – List 2 is an educational software that allows students to complete sentences and correct multiple spelling mistakes. (more…)

    Spelling for Grade 2 – List 1 is a Java-based educational Software for English Language Learners that helps students read and write with increased fluency and understanding.
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  43. Ghemto Games Presents Ghemto Games Launcher Ghemto Games Launchers (Ghemto Games Launcher) to the Ghemto Games community. Ghemto Games Launchers is a Mac OS X and Windows user interface, designed with Linux in mind, which comes with a… Read more

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  44. IDE is fully built in C++ language, runtime-dependant only. Its source code will be provided later.


    The message event is the event fired when a Message has been added, deleted or modified.

    Why do we need a message event?

    If you have ever used the message event, you can create a simple application that will display the number of messages, or refresh display according the number of message during the application run.
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  45. Published by LAPTOP – Laptop Mag, an award-winning publication that covers everything we care about in our product reviews, buying guides, vlogs, giveaways, and more. 100% independent, this is what we care about.In the past, the blank tapes for recorder-reproduction by the magnetic recording method with a fixed head had a thickness of polyethylene and the proper backing paper. Since polyethylene has low stiffness and the backing paper adheres poorly to
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    Converts PDF files to AutoCAD DWG format.
    Very intuitive.


    Very limited
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    Document Converter

    Document Converter is a multilingual, general-purpose PDF converter. You can use it to convert your documents to a wide range of format supported by major office software packages, like Microsoft Office and Open Office.
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